Owel Farms Activities


  • 1. Arable Crops Farming:– Cassava, Maize soyabeans etc
  • 2. Horticulture Crops:-Pineapples, Plantains, pawpaw, Vegetables etc
  • 3. Beekeeping, Agro forestry and Bio-diversity Conservation
  • 4. Livestock Farming:- Poultry, Piggery, Fishery, Cattle5. Nursery crops production

    Cultivation of large scale arable, horticulture and tree crops such as cassava, maize, pineapples, plantains, and the papayas. Also available on farm are improved high yielding cultivars and germplasm of selected cassava varieties


    We are engaged in sustainable Agro forestry practices and conservation of biological diversity through beekeeping for quality honey production.

    We have set up a functional tree crop nursery where we raise economic and multipurpose tree species (MPTs) for our farm developments. For example the Moringa oleifera, known as the horse radish plant which is a very useful medicinal multipurpose tree species (MPTs) for livestock paddocking, food supplements in human and farm avenue plantings.

    We raise seedlings of the native Irvingia gabonensis, also known asthe bush mango or Ogbono tree and propagules of Jatropha curcas, the Physic plant as a live fence and an emerging bio energy crop receiving globalresearch attention etc.


    We are engaged in commercial production of piggery, poultry and cattle breeding for fattening at both Urohi and Uhiele Farms