Project & Construction Management (P&CM)


Linkso provides complete Quality Management Services for pipeline development projects for both onshore and offshore projects. Our project verification Services include design review and approval, material Selection and quality inspection at pipe equipment Suppliers, and during pipeline construction, audit, Surveillance, installation, and commissioning services. We are able to cover both steel materials Constructions.

Onshore pipelines

During the construction of an onshore pipeline, Linkso can provide the full range of quality control services such as welding and other NDE-type Inspectors to monitor the actual jointing functions, coating inspectors to ensure that on-site coating of the welded joints are completed, experts in Cathodic protection systems.

Clients can choose either a complete packaged management solution or any of the individual elements mentioned above. A packaged solution would include a Project Manager to oversee all quality aspects of the construction project. He would then, in conjunction with the client, assess the expertise required for each element.

Offshore Pipelines

Linkso has extensive experience in verification services on major offshore pipeline projects and supervision work on high specification, dynamically positioned pipeline installation vessels during deep-water Construction. Our specialist personnel are fully conversant with S and J Lay installation systems, automated welding techniques and advanced NDE techniques, such as automated ultrasonic testing.

As part of the project management, we can mobilize personnel to ensure that project staff are supported during the project. This support service is provided by our local offices at both the point of embarkation and point of arrival. Project Management works include

  • • Review and verification of quality plans
  • • Supervision of all welding procedures and welder qualification tests prior to operations
  • • Quality audits during pipe-lay program
  • • Materials control services
  • • Health & Safety Inspection
  • • Double Jointing Inspection
  • • Procedure Verification
  • • Welding Qualification & Inspection
  • • Inspection of Automated UT Systems
  • • Road / rail / river crossings
  • • Weld Identification & Mapping
  • • Cathodic protection review and testing
  • • Blasting / Explosives experts
  • • Bend Inspection
  • • Backfill Inspection
  • • NDE Inspection
  • • Coating Inspection
  • Welding Certification & Material Services

    To meet both statutory and client requirements, manufacturers need independent Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Approvals. Linkso ’s accreditation for approval of procedures covers all types of permanent jointing to AWS & EN Standards. We also offer approval for other codes and processes such as brazing and various joining methods.

    The process involves:

  • • Review and provisional approval of the procedure.
  • • On site surveillance of the test piece production against Written Procedures
  • • Witnessing laboratory testing of the test pieces
  • • Review of any Non-destructive or other Test Results
  • • Approval of the Weld Procedure (and welder if appropriate)
  • The number of test pieces will be dependent on the procedure requirements. Many procedures cover a range of material types and sizes. Laboratory testing requirements are defined by the applicable code and vary from application to application.