Company Profile


Owel-Linkso Group is an entrepreneurial and services company which has delivered challenging gas infrastructural projects and excellent management solutions to the varied engineering, construction, procurement and operational needs of our clients in the oil and gas industries.

Over the past decade, the Group by partnering with reputable international and local companies has expanded the depth and breath of its service quality, with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Owel-Linkso as an entrepreneurial company has championed various projects and initiatives delivering; gas infrastructure and utilities projects, Natural Gas Liquid extraction and processing facilities and agro allied industries.

Adopting Global best practices in project development and execution, we have partnered on various projects with local and international investors, including; international oil companies (IOCs), Equity fund managers and foreign Government Agencies

Organizationally, Owel-Linkso is structured to give focused attention to projects and service delivery. Thus able to cover the full spectrum of the project life circle through its various subsidiaries and service divisions, but flexible enough to allow for optimal use of personnel and deployment of skills and capabilities through management and project teams for efficient project delivery.