• We Supply
  • Control Valves, Actuation Packages, Fisher, Norriseal, Rosemount Pressure and Temperature Transmitters, Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges , Pressure Regulators, Sight and Level Gauges and More…

    Linkso Procurement Services Limited

    Your Surest Way To Source for Equipments, Spares.

    LPSL is a fully indigenous procurement company dedicated to the sourcing of equipments, spares, OCTG and line pipes for the Oil & Gas and Power industry.

    LPSL procure core focus is on supporting
  • 1. NOC’s
  • 2. EPIC contractors
  • 3. Marginal Field Operators
  • 4. IOCs
  • Mission

    To perform our services to the highest level of professionalism and to the satisfaction of the client.


    To be the company of choice company providing equipment, spares, OCTG and line pipe to the Nigerian oil and gas and Power industry .

    LPSL’s Value Propositions

    As Local Company to deliver highly competitive priced quality equipment, spares, OCTG and line pipes from credible local and international Vendors and / or OEMs, to the customer ‘s preferred location.