Owel Farms Limited


Owel Farms Limited was incorporated in 1989 to engage in large scale mechanize arable crops farming and livestock production. We are currently developing over five thousand (5000) Acre or about 2000 hecters of farm land at Urohi and Ugboha in Edo State, South-South Nigeria. A member of Owel-Linkso Group, Owel Farms began operations in 2007 in a new resolve to diversify its activities from oil & gas services, and complement Owel Industries in the Agro_allied sector of the Economy.

Our Approach

In pursuant of these objectives, our approach at Owel Farms has been to enter into a number of joint venture and alliances agreements to complement our in-house capabilities, while contributing to the body of knowledge and best practices in farming method in Nigeria. Such agreements include:

  • - Extended Family Initiative and Educational Trust (Extended Family), for the dissemination of agricultural information and best practices through the training of farmers in modern farming methods.
  • - Notore, for the supply of fertilizers, agrochemical and improved seedlings.