• Testing and Certification
  • Testing and Certification Services


    Linkso had developed specific expertise that can be utilised by all companies operating in West Africa. Specialised staff with years of industrial experience is available to assist in the development of the most cost effective means of risk minimisation.

    Non-Destructive Testing

    When new facilities are to be constructed, be it pipeline or plants: chemical or petrochemical plants, shipyards or offshore facilities, conventional power plants; Linkso professional non-destructive and mechanical examinations provide quality assurance and process safety to assure overall plant integrity.

    When preventive maintenance is a critical issue regarding cost and safety for operating technical plants and facilities, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an indispensable service in order to optimize the maintenance efforts. NDT includes several methods of examining materials, components and connections in order to identify and quantify material defects and degradation.

    Linkso Nigeria Limited in association with its technical partners has decades of experience in the provision of quality and cost effective NDT services that provides your installation (both existing and new) with business security and enhanced safety. In our experience NDT gives a clear insight into the risk of leakage or other safety critical defects, which increases the integrity and safety of any given installation and hence eliminates undue operating expenses.

    Our trained and certified NDT specialists provide the necessary technical guidance in choosing the most appropriate and efficient NDT methods or combination of methods for your unique projects.

    Recognizing the importance of training and knowledge sharing, we provide added value services in form of training and development seminars/workshops for clients’ personnel in NDT methodologies, sharing new knowledge and development in NDT. Our experienced instructors share knowledge that complies with guidelines and local and international NDT/NDE standards such as ASNT and EN 473 to further enhance their knowledge and skills in NDT, further honing your competitive advantage.

    Our services include the following methodologies:
    • Conventional Testing Methods
  • • Radiographic Testing (Gamma, Selenium)
  • • Ultrasonic Testing (Flaw detection & Thickness Gauging)
  • • Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)
  • • Guided Wave Ultrasonic testing using wave maker .
  • • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • • Liquid Penetrant testing
  • • Leak testing
  • • Testing of Paint and Coatings
  • • Hardness Measurements
  • • Positive Material Identification
  • • Rope access capabilities for NDT methods
  • Special NDT Examinations

  • - Guided Wave Examination
  • - Positive Material Identification
  • - Time of Flight Diffraction Examination (ToFD)
  • - Infra-red Thermography (tracing of heat loss)
  • - Tank Floor Examination
  • - Rope Access
  • - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)
  • - Computer Aided Recording and handling of NDT inspection data with Pipe Cad
  • Destructive (Mechanical) Testing

    Linkso mechanical testing laboratories of provide structural, physical and mechanical assessment of materials and products. Linkso in association with Body Cote Laboratories, Crema, Italy provide Destructive Testing Services utilizing proven testing methodologies in our Port Harcourt Laboratory and Body Cote Laboratories in Crema, Italy.

    The services on offer include;
  • - Tensile Test
  • - Nick Test
  • - Bend Test
  • - Flexural and Compressive strength
  • - Burst and tear strength
  • - Brittleness and cold crack temperature
  • - Hardness Test
  • - Charpy Impact Test
  • - Drop Weight Test
  • - Micro Examination
  • - Macro Examination with Photo
  • - Sour Service Corrosion
  • - Full scale Catenary’s Riser Fatigue
  • - Chemical Analysis, etc.
  • - Maintenance of formal inspection data quality assurance and quality control system using a standard inspection database.