• Technical Staffing Services
  • Technical Staffing Services


    Contract Recruitment Services

    The global employment market is becoming more and more flexible every day. The percentage of people employed on a temporary or contract basis has been increasing steadily throughout the world.

    Many companies are now down-sizing their permanent staffing levels to a core of vital employees, and then utilizing contract or temporary labour to provide additional manpower in times of peak need or for particular key skill needs on a short term basis. This can be done on an individual basis or by outsourcing of complete activities or manpower needs of a project.

    Linkso Technical Staffing Services source and supply local and expatriate staff to clients either individually or in a team. The staffs operate under the direct control of the client while minimizing the client’s employment responsibilities as these are borne by Linkso Technical Staffing Services.

    Permanent Recruitment Services

    From Linkso TSS experience in the business of sourcing and supply of experienced technical personnel demand for expertise outstrips supply but Linkso TSS is able to help in sourcing experienced technical personnel for permanent positions within clients’ organizations.

    Linkso TSS in situations like this use special profile advertising, ‘head hunting’ and/or retained recruitment consultancy services of our global partners to recruit technical specialists and engineers at all levels. This is especially so where the recruitment of specialist skills has become critical to the project success.

    For one-off appointments, the above methodology can prove a very cost effective solution compared to the costs incurred through project delays and technical shortcomings. For this service Linkso TSS charge the client a one-off ‘finder’s fee’.

    Provision of Local Support Services

    With Linkso TSS excellent local knowledge it is able to provide local support services ranging from work permits, transportation, accommodation local medical and medivac services, flight arrangements, and other services that might be required to ensure smooth settling down for expatriates.

    Payroll and Tax Management

    Linkso has excellent regulatory knowledge of its operational areas within the Gulf of Guinea and can undertake the provision of payroll and tax management services to client’s satisfaction.

    Managing Agency Services

    Linkso Technical Staffing Solution can be appointed as the sole supplier of staff to one company. In this situation Linkso TSS assists companies in satisfying their professional technical staffing needs, by coordinating the recruitment of both contract and permanent staffing solutions. Features of this approach include:
  • • Linkso TSS manages the recruitment process
  • • Covers permanent recruitment, contract manpower, and interim management
  • • Linkso TSS co-ordinates and filters requirements to all sub-suppliers
  • • Close working relationship with client’s operational managers
  • • Activity review with client
  • • Assisting to draft job specifications
  • • Setting salaries and remuneration packages
  • • Setting recruitment strategy
  • • Appointing suppliers
  • • Filtering advertising response
  • • Management fees paid by client
  • Linkso TSS Methodology

    Linkso Technical Staffing Services have provided staff on a contract basis to clients for upward of 15 years. Upon receipt of a firm and detailed job specification (in some cases Linkso TSS personnel work with client management to develop), Linkso TSS search their extensive database, those of partners and sometimes undertake additional recruitment activities to source candidates. Usually within days, a short-list of suitable candidates who meet the specifications required is submitted to the client for review. The typical order of activities is summarized below:
  • 1. Full specification given by client
  • 2. Short-listing of candidates by Linkso TSS
  • 3. Submission of CVs and review by client
  • 4. Interview and selection by client
  • 5. References sourced by Linkso TSS
  • 6. Contract details finalized
  • 7. Linkso TSS provide payroll and tax management services
  • 8. Linkso TSS provide work permits, visas and flight tickets
  • 9. Linkso TSS provide local medical and medivac services
  • 10. A commencement date and notice period is arranged with the client
  • 11. The selected candidate is provided by Linkso TSS and invoiced at an agreed charge rate.