Marking Services West Africa Ltd (MSWAL)



Marking Services has spent the last 15 years learning how to service commercial and industrial projects and have a proven track record of being a leader in our industry. Our goal is to make your job easier by helping you develop the mechanical id portion of the specification. For your benefit, we have created a series of sample specifications to ease the burden of creating or revising specifications.

Engineering Services

Selecting the appropriate materials and planning the installation of pipe markers for any sizable facility is considerably more complex than most people think. The first step in a successful project is engineering. MSWAL engineers are full-time employees of the company and are experienced in the intricacies of developing and implementing a total mechanical identification system.
Benefits of MSWAL Engineering:
  • Using client’s P&ID’s, MSWAL engineers construct a line list customized to the specifics of your facility. The line list includes the following information: contents, line numbers, origin and destination of the line, drawing numbers and flow direction.

  • Line lists are verified with the client operations representatives to insure that the legend wording is consistent with what is used in the facility. Once verified, this list becomes the legend list used to produce the markers. Onsite field surveys are conducted to develop marker quantities and to insure that lines not shown on the drawings are included in the project.

  • Field surveys offer opportunities to address special conditions within the facility, such as hot or congested areas, manifolds and special valve configurations, etc.