Marking Services West Africa Ltd (MSWAL)



The biggest issue concerning labeling of offshore facilities is the extreme environments in which they operate. Drilling rigs, production platforms, and FPSO’s are exposed to saltwater, sunlight, extreme heat or cold, all of which quickly destroy traditional labels and signs. Vinyl tapes conventionally used to color code pipes and surface printed signs deteriorate and fail quickly: often in less than one year.

MSWAL has solved this problem by using markers made of printed polyester with a protective top layer that filters out damaging UV light, withstands direct contact with salt water, chemicals, and can tolerate operating temperatures up to 250F (121C). MSWAL’s capability to manufacture pipe identification markers, valve and equipment tags, IMO safety, fire & instructional signs (including photoluminescent signs) provide significant benefits to operations personnel. Printed information (in a variety of languages) improves operator efficiency and training of new personnel, emergency response, and maintenance practices at the same time virtually eliminating the need to trace lines between decks and operating levels. Text information can be combined with marine pipe color coding identification standards like ISO 14726 to markedly improve topsides line labeling.

Turnkey installation services for all of our products are available from our offices in Houston and in Singapore. Turnkey projects are executed using full-time employees of Marking Services West Africa Ltd. who have gained years of experience labeling drilling rigs, semi subs, production platforms and FPSO’s around the world.