Facilities Operation And Maintenance


Our Services contributes to improved business results and a very high standard of technical integrity during all phases of an installations lifecycle. In the project phase, assessments of plant design and the impact on future plant production performance is essential in securing the planned future revenue. Linkso Nigeria has a long history in development of the maintenance management systems required for a safe and professional operation. Our toolbox includes efficient establishment and optimization of:

  • •Criticality assessments, and maintenance risk evaluations
  • • Preventive maintenance programs
  • • Coating and insulation maintenance programs
  • • Integrity management linked to technical safety
  • • Spare parts required for preventive and corrective maintenance
  • • Development of systems for management of technical documentation.
  • Our focus is to deliver programs and plans into our clients computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). This provides work orders and programs available to plant operators/maintenance staff prior to plant startup. Our work processes naturally involves the plant personnel, giving required competence and ownership. In the operations phase we can support our clients with program updates and optimization, as well as systematic assessments of performance, KPI’s and management audits.

    Maintenance engineering

    Our products provide clients with a total maintenance management solution in one integrated package. Our solutions ensure improved business integration and overview by delivering our solutions in a cost-effective way. This has several benefits for both the owner of this solution as well as for the end user who implements the solution. Some benefits for the owner are; reduced total cost of owner, cross-departmental cost efficiency, superior overview and understanding, and elimination of redundant tasks.



    Business process consultancy

    Provision of Maintenance philosophy and strategy and address the different stages of the Business Process.

    Performance monitoring

    Construct Reports and KPI Analysis. Improve your operations by measuring and monitoring your performance effectively through ready-to use systems and tailored reports.

    Criticality evaluation Provide Risk Management services. Produce a list of critical items according to the criticality analyses that is developed

    Continuous improvement

    The continuous improvement process should be driven from the top, but implemented from the bottom. Our systems enable operators to identify areas for improvement and implement these on the shop floor.

    Asset Management

    Conduct Stock optimization. Stock optimization is used to reduce the number of spare parts and keep maintenance costs low, without reducing safety and performance.

    Failure analysis

    A Structured way find root causes.

    Specification Management

    Document the relationship between all objects within a selected area.